In my mid-60’s I started participating in agility competitions with my dogs, a sport that involves a lot of running, and I knew I needed some help. Jenn has been my saving grace! I have been slowing building strength, endurance and flexibility which I can feel when I’m in the ring. I am facing a hip replacement within the year, so we are now focusing on the necessary strengthening to prep for my recovery and time on crutches. Jenn listens to me and knows when to push me and when to take it easy. I am still getting stronger and more flexible, and am starting to believe that I will be able to continue my agility training long into the future!
Diane Marshall
Donna Tutungian of Franklin is a true inspiration. In her 50's she started small group training at Team Fitness Franklin with weight loss and disease prevention as her main goals. Working with her Trainer Lisa, she has been able to do something she's always enjoyed. She can run without pain! Donna has been personal training since March and is now stronger, faster, and enjoying being pain free. She completed the Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women, coming in 150 out of 700 in her age group, feels stronger than ever! Down 19lbs. Lost over 7.4% bodyfat! Donna you are our motto at Team Fitness Franklin... Strong, Fit, and Healthy!!!
Donna Tutungian
Bill Daly of Wrentham is 42lbs lighter and off blood pressure meds. He's been getting strong, fit & healthy working with his Trainer Chris Avedisan. Personal Training keeps him focused, coming in 3x/week and giving 100% every time. Bill's advice to others is "don't wait to get in shape" The time is now!
Bill Daly
I want to share my story of my love of running and how Jenn helped me find it all over again!!! I started running years ago for a fundraiser for Why Me Sherry’s House (an organization like the Ronald McDonald House for children with cancer) and it was not a 5k or a 10k but a half marathon. I had very little training and tried to coach myself. Well, after the race I could not walk for 3 days - I was so sore and not feeling great. I decided to take a break from running. Years later I decided to run another half marathon for the Leukemia Society and found out that Jenn Goebel does running coaching. I have participated in three Ready to Run sessions with her and it has helped me tremendously! She gave pointers on running more efficiently, weight training, how to eat and drink, and even what to wear. This past year I not only did the the half marathon again (BTW - I finished in 21/2 hours and might I say….I was not sore and ran again two days later!) but also the Tufts 10K for Women and the Frankenstein 5K. In the most recent session with Jen I took 1 minute off of my 400 meter time and nearly 2 minutes off of my mile time.
Tawnia Marguerite
Jeff Ross was coming off a biking accident that resulted in a shattered collar bone when he thought he’d never workout again. Through physical therapy, becoming a member at Team Fitness Franklin and more recently working with his Personal Trainer, Lisa, he feels better at age 58 than when he was 38. Jeff is proving you can get stronger, fitter and healthier at any age! Jeff now works with his Trainer 1x/week and is a dedicated gym member coming in 4+ more times on his own completing a full program of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular work.
Jeff Ross
"Tom Cochrane has been my personal trainer for over two years. He is always professional with wise advice concerning conditioning. When I am working out by myself- that's when I seem to get hurt. Tom push's me but never too far. I feel that when I stick with his training I make very solid progress towards better fitness and that's saying something when you are working with a 65 year old overweight overachiever!" - Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall name is Tina Pentikis. Do you have a minute? I wanted to talk to you about my experience at Team Fitness Franklin. This place is nothing like the big chains. It's small in comparison but unlike those facilities, Team Fitness Franklin offers a sense of family. You get to know the people you work out with and build a network of good friends. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Team Fitness Franklin. They truly care about my personal well-being and are very supportive and motivating. I have found that all the trainers will help you customize the training to fit your personal goals. I can honestly say I love training and working out every day. The owners Tricia and Bob Flynn are amazing. They truly have made this gym an amazing place. The staff is great. It's so easy to feel at home. The gym is clean and very organized. Great equipment, great music, great people. The classes they offer are not only hard but they are also fun. I have been working with Trainers Jenn Champion Goebel and Karen Guiliano for about 1 year. I train with Jenn on Tuesdays and with Karen on Thursdays. They both are always well prepared and keep things interesting with no training session ever being exactly the same. They are both very kind and caring who never hesitate going the extra mile for me to help me achieve my individual fitness goals. They both provide the right amount of motivation for me to push myself a little bit more to go beyond what I think I can do. They both make the whole training process fun and I look forward to the challenge they each offer me each session I have with them. I know that they will be there every step of the way to ensure I reach my goals. They are understanding and flexible when needed. They are simply the best. Thanks for your time.
Tina Pentikis
I first worked with Jenn Goebel in a Ready to Run session in 2014. I signed up to try to improve my running, but I just looked at it as way to get a little more exercise. Running was not something that I had a great desire to do that often, but that changed after taking the class. I developed more stamina and learned that I can run much farther and faster than I thought possible. After Ready to Run was over, I decided to try personal training sessions with Jenn. I have since dramatically increased my strength and stability. Each session is always challenging in some way and is totally worth it. Through Ready to Run I have grown to really like to run. The personal training sessions have helped me get in better overall shape. Those two things combined helped me run my first half marathon in October, which if you had asked me a year ago I would have said, “No way, running four miles is hard enough to do.” I finished in 1:51!
Bill Fallon
The best gym and the best trainers! I love this place.
- Kimberly Gatto
I love everythingabout this gym! The staff, my fellow gym go'ers, the classes, and the equipment!! Sooo much more of a personal experience than anywhere else I've ever been.
- Kristina Mounsey
From our member Kathy Lewis to her Trainer Lisa Sawyer at Team Fitness Franklin: "You've helped me find a confidence in my physical abilities that I didn't know existed – whether it's jogging around my neighborhood (I do that now, LOL) or carrying a 35 pound bag of dog food over my shoulder and out to my van without fear of collapsing…it's fabulous. My daughter's plays soccer on the "lower field" at her school…and there's a huge set of steep stairs that lead down to the field. Well most of the moms will park by the field to avoid the stairs and six months ago I would have been part of that pack. But now I park in the upper lot and make it a point to walk up/down those stairs every time. And I can do it without gasping or wheezing or seeing Jesus, LOL. And that's because you've helped me improve my stamina and given me confidence that I can push through that "uncomfortable" feeling. Every single part of my life is better because of what I've learned from working with you – and that's the absolute truth. Even in my most recent job interview, I had such a weird sense of confidence because I knew how good I felt about myself and how strong I felt and I know that translated into how I presented myself. It's all connected. I genuinely and sincerely appreciate everything you've done for me in my quest for better health. You are an excellent personal trainer and you truly have the perfect balance of "fun/nice/I like her" mixed with "get your butt moving and do this." -Kathleen Lewis
Kathleen Lewis