“having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks, able to withstand great force or pressure.”


“in good health, especially because of regular physical exercise.”


“in good health, indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health.”

At Team Fitness Franklin you can get strong, fit and healthy at any age.

Strong, Fit, Healthy means:

You can lift more than you could before, weights, pets, household chores.

You feel better, sleep better, have more energy.

Your happier with your body, mood, in life.

You are more flexible equally less back pain, better biomechanics, you can touch your toes, tie your shoes.

You can do things you couldn’t be for. STRONG, FIT, HEALTHY comes in all forms, shapes and sizes and no accomplishment is too small.

Work with one of our Trainers and find out what it’s all about.

Functional Training

What is functional training?

This is the question of the year. Functional Training is what it sounds like, training that functional, it helps us in everyday life. The most common request when a new member joins a gym is can a Trainer show me the machines? Our answer is not right now unless the person absolutely needs to start there. Our job as the Trainer is to show you what is best for you and guide you to the path that will lead you to success. There are certain starting points for exercise with the intention to build up our stabilizers, the muscles that support our joints. We need the muscles around of joints to be strong before we ask the body to move more weight. For example a shoulder press machine, it’s mainly working on big muscle groups and isn’t that functional for everyday life.
Plus if you have a seated job, you’re sitting for 8+ hrs a day, why would we want you to come to the gym and sit some more, tighten up those hips, not use your glutes and not help your posture. Moving in poor position especially when moving a lot of weight can lead to injury.

How often do you sit in a chair and push weight over your head (like a seated shoulder press machine)…rarely do we suspect. You probably climb on a step stool, grab an item from a shelf and then get down with that item in your hands. It may be an easy task for some but most find it hard. Hard to balance, lift overhead items and then move or climb using only their legs since their arms are occupied. Functional training, trains your body to do those things, making everyday tasks easy and lessening the risk for injury. The Trainers job is to fix the imbalances we can through corrective exercise and stabilization work first and then progress you properly. We want to get your body moving in proper posture, and have you feeling your best.
Progression over time will lead to the machines and when you are ready you will see nice strength gains. If you are confused or wondering about functional training please contact our Director of Training, Lisa at to set up a complimentary session to get your body moving the best it can.
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