Group Fitness and Aerobic Conditioning

At TEAM Fitness we have designed our group fitness program to meet our members’ needs. Our highly experienced group fitness instructors are committed to helping you achieve your own personal fitness goals. Our instructor’s professionalism and enthusiasm will provide you with the highest level of satisfaction. We are excited about offering a variety of classes from Senior Conditioning classes to Spin to circuit training to yoga and more— you can look forward to wide variety of classes.

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NOW WE HAVE VIRTUAL CLASSES INCASE YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND ANY OF THE OTHER CLASSES OR JUST WANT TO DO SOMETHING COMPLETELY NEW! Our classes are safe and effective for everyone, AND INCLUDED in membership (unless noted on the schedule). You will participate in groups small enough to guarantee unwavering personal attention. Our vision at TEAM Fitness is to customize our program to meet our member’s needs; we value your feedback and will consider your input as our program grows.


Circuit is designed to either work as a group or individually at different timed circuit stations.
Class includes both cardio and strength., cool down and stretch.

CrossSTEP is designed to shed body fat and is for all fitness levels. You will work your
entire body using athletic movements both on and off the step. The step movements are
consistent week to week so that you can take the guess work out and focus on burning fat,
getting fitter, and having a blast doing it! Step moves are slowly transitioned out so you leave
each class with a sense of accomplishment and feel a little lighter in your step.

Hatha Yoga uses postures and asanas and stretches in combination with the breath to
develop a total body workout designed to create longer leaner muscles and a body with more
mobility to improve circulation.

Kettlebell Craze If you enjoy lifting weights then you will love learning how to use kettlebells.
Kettlebells are a cast iron weight with a handle used to perform different cardio/strength
exercises. This class will challenge both your strength and endurance. Strengthening and
toning your body from top to bottom!

Pilates/Barre is a workout that challenges your flexibility, strength, and stamina. This is a
total body conditioning class which uses your body weight for resistance focusing on your
core. This is not a ballet class – so get ready to step up to the barre! 1/2 time barre, 1/2 time
mat pilates.

Power Yoga is A stronger and faster paced yoga class. It involves aerobic exercises and
constant strenuous movement. Incorporating ujjayi breathing and a series of postures this is
a great class to clear out the static in the body and the mind.

Sculpt is a cardiovascular strength training class designed to make you lean and providing
an entire body workout. Build and sculpting your muscles and your core while improving
your flexibility and strength, it is designed to strengthen your body from head to toe using
weights, tubes, balls, barre, and weighted bars. Class will cover most all muscle groups and
include warm up, cool down and stretch.

Senior Strength is a group fitness class designed for our classic Team Fitness members.
We will work on your balance and flexibility via weight strengthening and stretching. This
class incorporates tubing, dumbbells, Stability balls, TRX and much more!

Spin is a cardio/strength exercise that takes place on a specially designed stationary bike.
As you pedal, its lights out while inspiring music plays. Through out a class you will vary your
pace and resistance – combining hills, running, jumps, and intervals to create a heart
pumping exhilarating workout. Class is limited to 25 people.

Dancers Physique-One amazing jam-packed adrenaline filled hour set to heart pumping music, filled with: hot dance cardio,A strength circuit, and deep relaxing stretching!

30/30 Spin – 30 minutes of cycling followed by 30 minutes of body sculpting. Get it all done in 60 minutes. Bring your sneakers for a quick change if you are wearing cycling shoes!

Full Body Step – 45 minute instructor led step class. Step Cardio bursts followed by upper and lower body strength moves. Equipment needed – a step with one or two risers underneath and a set of medium weights. Level 2

Overall Sculpt – 45 minute instructor led strength class. Equipment needed – a set of light weights and a light medicine ball. Level 1

Circuit Style – 45 minute instructor led circuit class. A circuit style cardio workout combining functional strength training with different intensity options. Equipment needed – a set of medium and light weights. Level 2

Sculpt Head to Toe – 45 minute instructor led strength class. Light cardio warm up, total strength class finishes up with abs and glutes segment. Equipment needed – a light weight medicine ball, a mat, and a set of medium weights. Level 2

Balance & Sculpt – 45 minute instructor led class. A strength class that will challenge your balance. Finishes with a 10 minute stretch. Equipment needed – a set of light and medium weights. Level 2

HIIT Strength, Endurance, Cardio Challenge – High Intensity Interval Training- different styles of interval training each week to work your stamina and improving that anaerobic threshold! This class will include warm up, cool down, and stretch.

Barre Blast, Cardio Barre – 30 minute instructor led cardio barre class. Take a barre move and add a cardio component to it. Link all the cardio moves together for an exhilarating finish. Level 2

No Equipment Total Body Toning – 30 minute instructor led toning class. Equipment needed – a hand towel. Level 2

Get Your Dance On Now – 45 minute instructor led dance class. A challenging, funky, dance routine. Fun for all ! Level 2

CrossStep – A choreographed step class that will keep you coming back for more. This class will also include warm up, cool down, and stretch.

Dancers Physique– One amazing jam-packed adrenaline filled hour set to heart pumping music, filled with: hot dance cardio,  strength circuit, and deep relaxing stretching!

Class Levels

Level 1 – On my way…

Level 2 – In the Groove~

Level 3 – Good to Go!!

TRX Suspension Training is an exciting form of training that builds strength, balance,
flexibility and core stability by using hundreds of functional exercises that can easily adjust to
all fitness levels. TRX Suspension Training delivers results with dynamic total body exercises
that appeal to both men and women, no matter what their fitness goals. TRX benefits
everyone from the casual exerciser to the athlete that needs to maintain and build optimal
strength and total body conditioning. Class space is limited to 10 people.

Zumba is a fusion of Latin and international music-dance themes that create a kinetic,
exciting and effective fitness system! The easy to follow dance steps feature aerobic
intervals with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba
utilizes the principles of fitness interval training and resistance to maximize caloric output, fat
burning and total body toning.


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