Amenities, Franklin Fitness Center

Welcome to TEAM Fitness Franklin! Our club is an 16,000 SF upscale fitness facility in Franklin, MA. The size of the club, as well as the facility’s décor creates a comfortable, warming yet energizing atmosphere to make working out pleasurable. CrossFit Franklin is connected through a door in the main lobby for easy accessibility.

Clean towels are complimentary for all TEAM members at TEAM Fitness Franklin. These towels include those used for equipment wipe down, hand/workout towels, and shower towels. TEAM Fitness Franklin is responsible for washing and drying the towels at our facility. The comfort of our members is very important to us, and we monitor the cleanliness and condition of the towels so they will be more pleasurable for you to use.
TEAM Fitness offers all-natural smoothies!

We use only the best ingredients: fruit, water and a high quality predigested protein powder that is lactose free with no added sodium and a great natural source of high potency essential amino acids, including BCAAs. The muscles in your body are over 80% protein in dry weight. If your goal is an increase of muscle then do it with our protein shakes! The whey protein in our smoothies is the most bio-available for your body. This means your body can utilize the supplementation of whey protein better than other types of protein. Our shakes are low in calories, taste great, and are a perfect way to practice beneficial pre- & post-workout nutrition.

What is so great about steam rooms? A steam room will help you reduce stress, raise your metabolism, improve you complexion, alleviate pain due to sports injury, prevent injuries, and can also ease the symptoms of a cold. The steam helps relax stiff joints and muscles after workouts and can help with the recovery process. Steam also helps cleanse your skin, boost your immune system, and helps remove toxins.

Over all benefits to the Steam Room include:

  • Soothes mind & body to relieve stress & relax muscles
  • Increases body metabolism
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Relieves discomforts of asthma, allergies and arthritis
  • Keeps mucous membranes from excessive drying and relieves throat irritation by moistening the air; relieves coughing
  • Relieves inflammation and congestion of upper respiratory mucous membranes
  • Loosens secretions and stimulates discharge of mucous from the throat and lung
  • Intensive and comprehensive cleansing effect on skin
  • Enhances circulation and blood flow to skin
  • Hydrates dry skin **so beneficial in these dry New England winters**
Etiquette: We have separate steam rooms for men and women. Anyone to use the steam room must be over the age of 18 or with a parent/guardian. We do require that any user of the Steam Room sit on a towel for the duration of use and only “1″ 15 minute session be allowed. Everyone’s comfort level in this situation is different, so be considerate of other people when you use the room.
Team Fitness offers both separate male and female locker rooms. In these rooms you can lock your belongings with your own lock in our provided lockers. After your workout, you can shower off in our single sex showers and leave the gym refreshed and ready to tackle the day! We do supply each shower with shampoo and body wash. However, you are more than welcome to bring your own toiletry items. We do offer a rent a locker program that will allow you to keep all your workout gear and shower items available when you make your club visits. Always remember to bring and wear your flip flops in the shower to prevent chance of infection, although our showers are cleaned regularly. Finally, if you forget anything from a hair dryer to hair spray, moisturizer to deodorant, we have you covered.

Free Group Fitness:

Ever need some extra motivation during a workout? Group Fitness is a great way to get your heart pumping and your muscles moving. Our Group Fitness classes are a fun way to get results while making friends and doing yourself good!! There is no additional cost to our traditional group classes. Our class schedule is posted on line and you can also pick up a printed copy at the club.

Our Group Fitness offer you a new and exciting way to get totally fit:

  • Work out longer and consistently with a professional instructor leading the way.
  • Make fitness fun when you learn new exercises and techniques.
  • Stay motivated when you work out with other people.
  • Bring structure and discipline to achieving your goals with a set class schedule.
  • Meet new people and make new friends.