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Everyone knows that achieving optimum fitness requires regular workouts. Whether exercising at home or visiting training gyms, physical fitness happens by keeping the body active and continually pushing fitness limits. So what happens when someone stops their personal training for a while? Usually nothing, at least for the first week. Beyond that, those skipping out on their regular visits to their training clubs may be surprised at how their bodies react from those extended workout breaks.

How Long Is Too Long to Skip Working Out?

Everyone needs an occasional break in their workout routine. Sometimes a rest day away from training gyms is a good way to promote fitness by allowing the body to repair itself as necessary. Research on personal training breaks suggests that most people in average to good shape can go about a week without exercising before their bodies begin to decline, while those who are more fit can go about two weeks. Generally speaking, the more fit someone is, the longer they can go without actually losing condition, although much depends on the type of workouts and the frequency.

What Happens to The Body After A Break In Personal Training?

Depending on their starting fitness level, when someone skips their visits to the training clubs for a week or more, a loss of body condition begins. Cardiovascular fitness is the first affected, along with the body’s ability to maintain good insulin levels. This is why a sudden break in workouts may result in sudden weight gain for some. Additionally, lean muscle begins to decrease as fat stores begin to increase, also due to reduced insulin balancing. These changes occur at different rates in everyone; however, those already working harder to maintain healthy insulin levels are likely to see  changes sooner than others. It could take as long as two months or more; for most it is a slow, gradual effect that results in the eventual loss of physical fitness gained through months of routine workouts.

How Breaks in Personal Training Affect Muscles

Besides the changes mentioned above, a lengthy pause in visits to training gyms also causes a reduction in muscle strength and physical endurance. Muscles are made from two different types of fibers, one that produces strength and another that is responsible for body endurance. Both require routine exercise to maintain fitness; however, it is the strength fibers that will react first after a break in exercising.

Atrophy happens in the fibers responsible for strength long before it happens in those that create endurance. Even the endurance fibers, which improve as fitness levels increase, lose their efficiency, which reduces muscle performance. This, and other changes to muscle fibers, explains why someone who has skipped their personal training sessions for a while is less strong than they were before, tires faster, and experiences more soreness once they pick up the routine again.

So before skipping out on too many trips to the training gyms, it is important to understand that doing so will start a gradual reduction in many different body systems. Taking a break for a day or two when it's necessary is important; however, so is getting right back to regular personal training. To avoid losing condition, try to reduce the length of time away from training clubs, then carefully get back to regular workouts as soon as possible!

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