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When people join exercise gyms, they usually have two main goals in mind:  to get fit and for some, to lose weight. Many people put on weight without even realizing it, then struggle to take it off. This type of weight gain is often caused by stress. Stress-induced weight gain can be frustrating, as it tends to be resistant to dieting and calorie reduction. Thankfully, there is a way for a person to get this weight off by adding weight control workouts to their daily routine. Working out at exercise gyms gets the body moving and provides a number of other benefits to help anyone dealing with stress-related weight gain.

Stress and Weight Gain and Loss

Stress can be a killer, both metaphorically and physically. The concern about stress is that it creates conditions in the body that promote weight gain and prevent weight loss. When the body experiences continuously high stress levels, cortisol production increases, which is directly related to metabolism in a variety of ways. Most notably, cortisol increases fat retention and decreases fat release by affecting the way the body burns energy. As a result, when a person is under constant stress and has high cortisol levels, losing weight becomes a real challenge.

Reducing the Stress

There are a number of ways a person can tackle their stress issues, including things such as meditation, diet change, and simply trying to remove some of the stressors from their life. Another great way to reduce stress is to exercise. Whether joining exercise gyms or starting weight control workouts at home, exercise is a key element to both reduce stress and lose weight. Exercise can increase the metabolism and improve body and brain chemistry, both of which work to reduce stress and anxiety. When stress is reduced, so is cortisol production and the body begins to burn its fuel more efficiently. Based on these things, those participating in stress-relieving weight control workouts can help a person begin to see some results in a relatively short amount of time.

Tips to Get Started In Stress and Weight Reduction

The most important suggestion for anyone wanting to lose weight who is dealing with high stress in their life is to simply start exercising. Start out with something easy, such as walking, then add other enjoyable activities. Learn the correct way to breathe, how to get the most from physical activity, and how to work up a good sweat. Even a beginner will quickly be able to see the many benefits of joining exercise gyms and group training classes. Regardless of how it is done, regular exercise and weight control workouts are one of the best ways for a person to reduce stress and lose weight.

People who struggle with the ability to lose weight despite good eating habits or trying to diet may be dealing with a high stress condition. Although it may not be possible to remove all stressors from life, one way to lose weight, reduce stress, and improve health overall is through exercise. Weight control workouts, whether they are done at exercise gyms or at home, can reduce stress, lower cortisol levels, and promote weight loss. Before throwing in the proverbial towel and deciding that weight loss is impossible, the best thing those leading high-stress lives can do is to make some time for exercise!

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